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Choosing a Reputable Mezzanine Floor Supplier

When selecting a reputable company to supply a new mezzanine floor, confidence in their ability is usually the largest factor as well as price. We feel it is important for you to see exactly what you would be getting.

The supporting steel frame is critical for adequate rigidity, the last thing you want is much bounce and flexing of the frame especially if people are working on top of the new structure.

We always tell our customers that there are some good mezzanine floors sold but there are a lot of bad ones. Be careful not to get caught out. You may not always realise you have bought a bad one until its built.

Our installation teams are curtious, friendly and helpful and we always work around your business with the minimum disruption. All our mezzanine floors are designed in accordance with all the latest building regulations and design codes.

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Minimum Mezzanine Floor Loading Capacity

We have seen a few articles lately suggesting the minimum recommended floor loading for a mezzanine floor. Well it just isn’t as simple as just saying 4.8kn/sqm or 350kg/sqm.

It can depend on spacing of supports as well as the usage but generally we often recommend 4.8kn/sqm (480kg/sqm) as a good loading for medium storage. This can drop to 3.5kn/sqm if the floor is only for office use.